Fratelli Boffi, 2010

Nature and animal life dominate the narrative vocabulary of this brand new collection for Fratelli Boffi, which was a huge hit at the Milan Fiera. Each individual piece has a sense of animation – and anima. Capturing an animal energy within its slender curves, the collection is realised in fine woods, a variety of skins, tweeds and Arcadian tapestry. A dining chair, a magnificent dining table, two cocktail tables, a shelving system and a sofa system together form a vibrant collection that crystalises Coates’ wit and interest in craftsmanship. This is the second large collection that he has realised with Fratelli Boffi. Both collections build on his unmistakable ability to work with traditional forms and techniques, and to shift them unequivocally towards a vital contemporary expression.

Country House Chic:
“This is Nigel Coates’ fabulous Animalia collection for Fratelli Boffi. As well as taking inspiration from antlers for the chair and table legs, Coates has revived the art of tapestry… It is a look that is set to run…”
Kara O’Reilly, The Sunday Times Style 2 May 2010

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