Casa dei Due Cipressi

Tuscany, Italy, 2020

In 2016 Nigel Coates was appointed as architect and interior designer for the renovation of the Casa dei Due Cipressi. The property is located on the edge of an historic hilltop town; to the east the land drops away sharply into olive groves and woodland, giving wonderful views which can be enjoyed from terraces and balconies on three different levels. Inside, the atmosphere is a mixture of warmth and quiet sophistication; tactile pleasure is to be found in abundance through the presence of simple, traditional materials and a fit-out driven by local craftsmanship. In contrast, everything beneath the skin is modern, from the underfloor heating system to the workings of the kitchen and bathrooms.

In truth, the aged charm of the house belies how much of it was changed and renewed through this root and branch renovation. A simple staircase was added to connect the different levels, a brand new fireplace built, walls moved and a host of new doors and windows constructed. Outside, reclaimed cobblestones, traditional stone walls and ironwork were added to create a new entrance, driveway and two additional outdoor living spaces. A series of new terraces step down the hillside from the house, teasing their way into the landscape.

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