Glyndebourne, 2021

The interior of the new Wallop restaurants has been designed by Nigel Coates and his design team. By using serpentine banquettes, towering waiter stations and a series of interconnecting levels, his design defines many distinct areas. Coates has also imbued the project with a sense of theatre. Patrons will no doubt recognise some fittings from past Glyndebourne productions including a large-scale mural from La Traviata. The decor also features many props chosen from opera house productions. All the furniture has been designed by Coates, and forms part of his Scubist collection for Italian company Fratelli Boffi. The design also incorporates a cloud of the new chandeliers he has realised with Swarovski Crystal Palace. This stunning installation consisting of 43 so-named Cloudeliers that hang in a central zone of the restaurant, visually connecting its three levels. These have been made in collaboration with the Italian lighting company Slamp, and incorporate crystals of Coates own design.

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